Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kawaiisu File New Papers In Their Court Case

Today’s blog entry includes the PDF document posted below on Scribd that was filed last week in Fresno, CA. The PDF has the Kawaiisu Tribe of Tejon and David Laughing Horse Robinson’s Opposition to the Motion to Dismiss filed by the County of Kern, California, and set for hearing on February 22, 2010. It also includes the Request For Hearing and Notice of Request For Hearing to meet the CEQA 21167.4 90 day filing requirement for the fourth claim in the Complaint, for CEQA non-compliance filed on November 10, 2009. You can read the Complaint by going back to this blog’s November entry and accessing that Pleading on Scribd. The URL is:

Kawaiisu Tribe of Tejon Opposition to Motion to Dismiss by County Of Kern


  1. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Sandra at

  2. This outrage must be stopped,by all Native Americans.

    This only the beggining,what can we do to help.

    Enrolled member of Menominee Indian Tribe of Wis.
    William Waukau